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Selasa, 22-Aug-2018 - 20:34:59

Types of gar fish

Duration: 2:43 Uploaded: 17 February 2018

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Types,of,gar,fish There are many types of gar available in the market but not every one is a different speacis, mainly 7 types gars are exist and those other exotic ones are reasul of mix breeding. So don't be surprise to see this hybrids. #KnockOUT_Aquatics #monstarfishtypes #rivermonster #typesoffish Happy fish keeping Other videos --- Types of Discus - Types of clownfish - Types of Goldfish - Types of Pleco - Types of Betta fish - Types of Flowerhorn - Types of Arowana - Types of Oscar - Fallow me in- My equipments-- Trypod - Microphone - Lights - Camera Equipment - Filter - Fish food - Some free books hope you like -