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Selasa, 22-Aug-2018 - 20:34:17

Wah! Heat - Better Scream

Duration: 3:25 Uploaded: 24 June 2008

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Wah!,Heat,-,Better,Scream The first release by the first Wah! incarnation by Pete Wylie (member of the Crucial Three with Julian Cope and Ian McCulloch). It was praised in it's time of release (1979) and the band was immediatly championed by John Peel. Equally inspired by The Doors and The Clash the result was less darker than what would be heard on the debut of the second incarnation of Pete Wylie's project (Wah! Nah = Poo-The Art of Bluff, unfortunately out of print) but at the same level of the Bunnymen and The Teardrop Explodes and it surprises me how Wah! was never recognized as much as these two groups did! Lyrics (thanks to @rooneyda): You better run, cos' this is the day, someone remembers what you said so you better pray you're running but you won't get far now howard hughe's hitmen are here You better pray You better repent Here come the trumpets sounding out, That never relent The bay of pigs is babylon You better choose which side your on Cos' here come the saints, You better scream and run and pray Here come the saints With seven angels from the C.I.A Are you ready? This is judgement day.